The holiday home at VB 36 has 3 bedrooms. 1 Twin 2 doubles.  All power points are UK as the home was purchased from English manufactory.key safe 2

To gain the key safe for the holiday home contact David as we regularly change this code number. The safe can be found on the decking, high up in the nearest wooden pillar to the steps.  Entry time will be 4.00pm.

There is another set of keys in the cupboard above the TV that you may use during your stay but please replace when you finally leave.

Outside lighting

Behind the tall dark cupboard is 2 double plugs.      One is plugged into the main bedroom, so lights can be turned on via switch there.

The other lights via the switches on the top double on the decking.


This can be switched via the remote nestling in a holder on the wall left-hand side of the kitchen.  Please, can you make sure this is replaced into the holder as I haven’t been able to get a reserve remote.

Washing Machine

  • Lift the door.
  • Sperate the two covers.
  • Place the clothes within the drum.
  • Add the capsule.
  • Join the two covers again.

Close the lid and then press start.  You may have to shut it firmly for the machine to start.

Outside Dryer

Please, can you leave the ties holding it secure to the tree. (as if the wind is strong it will knock against the decking enclosure).

Coffee Pot

  • The coffee pot and kettle can be turned on at the plug behind.
  • Fill the pot to the desired amount.
  • Use the paper filter, load up a suitable amount of coffee and place in the top of the pot.
  • Turn on the machine at the bottom right button.
  • Raise the lid at back and pour in the water.
  • Place the jug back under the
  • An alarm will go off when the brew is ready.


The cooker has a grill, oven and 4 top burners. Above the cooker is a light/extractor.

There are several saucepans and a frying pan. Many glasses, bowls cups, mugs, cutlery etc.


All the usual Freesat channels. You require the two remote controls.  Just turn on at the plug, then turn on power to both remotes.

Gas barbeque

Alas, there is a ban placed on all charcoal fires due to several fires in the previous years.  This has been set by the local council fire officer.  All owners on the parc have had to discard these products.

If indeed the weather turns rainy please keep the lounge cushions undercover.  The 2 seater cushion is water resistant, along with the director’s chair.


Please ensure when you finally leave:

  • The holiday home is left in a reasonably clean state.
  • Make certain air-con is turned off.
  • The home at VB36 is secure.
  • The key is place back in the key safe.
  • Time for renters to depart will be 10am on their last due date.guestbook1-570x3861-570x262


David  – 07957 182849

Julie    – 07958 653216

Home  – 01689 800628